1. I still consider myself a North Carolinian although I've lived in Virginia for nearly 14 years.
  2. My one sibling is also a best friend.
  3. My grandparents didn't attend college, but my parents did. None of them knit.
  4. I have two English degrees.
  5. I adore movies, and even co-created a film with my friend Elizabeth.
  6. Our film, Fishin' Blues (and Pinks), is only 3.33 minutes long.
  7. Several of my poems have been published in a handful of literary journals.
  8. I read poetry regularly, at least one poem a day.
  9. My mother taught me to sew when I was quite young, and I never quit.
  10. I made a panel for The NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt.
  11. I'm what they call a "cradle Episcopalian."
  12. I love accessories and am known for my jewelry, scarves and socks.
  13. I love to travel, but have never been below the Equator.
  14. I speak three languages.
  15. I'm crazy about Italy, which I visited four times in the 20th century.
  16. Famous men I've met: Yassir Arafat, Michael Graves, Joel Grey, Evander Holyfield, Billy Packer, Reynolds Price, Steven Soderbergh.
  17. I am more impressed by the non-famous women I have met -- and the poets.
  18. I collect mice, perhaps because Mouse was my mother's nickname for me.
  19. I also collect paperweights and amethyst glass vessels. And books. And art.
  20. I love museums, used to work in one, and probably will again soon.
  21. My best friend's mother taught me to knit in the mid-80s, then I gave it up for more than a dozen years.
  22. I have worn glasses since fourth grade, and sometimes contact lenses.
  23. Elvis Costello and Ella Fitzgerald are my two favorite singers.
  24. I was named for my mother's two sisters.
  25. I named my daughter after my father and brother.
  26. I have enjoyed decorating my house, which happens to be the same age as my mother.
  27. My three goddaughters are Sallie, Kathryn and Amelia.
  28. I've been known to misstate my age.
  29. I drink tea more often than coffee, but I like them both -- if the coffee is good.
  30. Ice cream is my favorite culinary indulgence.
  31. Lately I've become fascinated by birds.
  32. I love to garden, even though I don't have much space to do so.
  33. I have always wanted to go hang gliding.
  34. I wish I owned a sailboat.
  35. I prefer the mountains to the beach.
  36. My right ear was pierced three times.
  37. I have a thing about prime numbers.