December 05, 2003
Moving Day!

After eight months with Blogger and Blogspot,

maggistitches has moved to Typepad:

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and please don't forget to change your links. See you there!

posted by Maggi at 12/05/2003 09:46:00 PM

December 04, 2003
December S&B

Did the weird group in the CD changer (Bjork, both Elvises, Erin McKeown, and Lizzi's Fall 2002 QuizMix) somehow keep attendance to a minimum Tuedsay night? I just wasn't ready to load the holiday tunes, but I'd hoped the jiffy log in the fireplace would conteract all possible bad juju. Nevertheless, we four (plus the wee one) had a grand time, welcoming newcomer Colleen ( a textile queen from way back).

That's she on the right, stitching some mother-made quilt panels onto pillow shams. Kim's on the left, showing off one of several new scarves she brought along. She also brought the news that the ART 180 scarf acution has raised over $5,000 -- and a couple of bottles of wine in thanks for my help. Thank YOU, Kim! Don't miss Caroline in the distance, going for more cheese and crackers.

In addition to neckwear, Kim had a felting project to show and tell: What began as a bag-to-be has morphed into a hat now that we convinced her it shouldn't be consigned to life as a flowerpot! And Michelle, in a hand-knit sweater, was working on a second crocheted teddy bear, while the first waited at her feet.

I finished the scarf with the rest of the Wool-Ease, to gift in tandem with one of the tasselled hats. It's all stockinette, and I thought the Bernat Boa I crocheted on the edges would help with its rolling. I based the striping pattern on the Fibonacci sequence, which I think dear Greta mentioned at some point, and was then quoted by Bonne Marie. I made it to 34 (my ever-favorite numeral between 1 and 100, for so long that I can't remember why; I love that it's one in this sequence; I was 34 for three years myself) before the purple ran out, and so kept going with the blue till it did the same. Since I still had plenty of Boa, I crocheted across the line where the stripes met, on both sides, hiding the telltale garter bit that makes that feel like the wrong side, and somewhat eliminating the tendency to roll.

Speaking of rolling, I'm about to roll on over to Typepad! With a beautiful banner designed by Mary, the new maggistitches will debut tomorrow -- exactly eight months after my first blog post ever. Look for that post late in the day, after the girl's asleep. #

posted by Maggi at 12/04/2003 02:48:00 PM

December 01, 2003
Holiday Productivity

Things began auspiciously, as I completed a scarf in the car before we reached my parents' house. I toted two gift items in need of felting so that my mom could see the before and after first-hand, which was fun for the whole family (OK, fun loosely defined here, by the knitter). Hats-in-progress flew off the needles: my baby's Bucket O'Chic, and the two-tassel topper from Hip to Knit in sizes small and smaller. I finished a matching scarf to make one set on the way home.

Every time someone stopped by for a visit, Mom insisted I show off all of these works, plus my felted daypack and the Suki holding them all. The best thing about the weekend, though, was taking Mom to her LYS (which she'd never visited) and helping her select some fun scarf yarn to draw her back into our knitters ranks. Her desire for her own Bucket O'Chic prompted the visit, and then she couldn't resist -- I knew the yarns would speak to her! When we got home, she knew right where to find her old (and odd) stash of needles, and a tapestry bag I'd given her years ago became the perfect knitting tote. I predict she'll be on to more exciting projects in no time! #

posted by Maggi at 12/01/2003 01:17:00 PM

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